We now live
in autonomous era
55 E. 3rd Ave San Mateo, CA, 94401
What are we doing?
We are creating the new type of
self-driving public transport based on

The future has come
Why are we doing this?
We see bright future in trends which surrounding us
By 2030, the United Nations expects there to be more than 50 cities globally with a population greater than 10 million
People crave for
happy commuting
People spend a huge amount of time unhappily commuting. We're interested in better ways for people to live somewhere nice, work together, and have easier commutes. Specifically, lightweight, short-distance personal transportation is something we're interested in
& cities transformation
Ride sharing market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 19.87% from 2018 to 2025, to reach a market size of USD 218.0 billion by 2025 from USD 61.3 billion in 2018
Ride sharing development
High level of
self-driving tech
Honda invests $ 2.75 billion in General Motors unmanned Cruise vehicles. Volkswagen invests
$ 2.6 billion in Argo AI (unmanned vehicle software)
The time when this will become a reality directly depends on the number of self-driving cars on the roads
Founder & CEO
On the one hand
Self-driving technologies are rapidly developing and testing by large global corporations
Сurrent situation with
self-driving cars
Access to self-driving technology is very expensive and still not open
to ordinary people
And on the other hand
$ 45,000
At the same time, the cheapest car with autopilot (prototype of self-driving system) cost
more than $ 45,000
We found the solution
It's the fractional model of ownership
With HereYouGo anyone can buy a part of car fleet
and use self-driving cars to move around
How it works?
Join HereYouGo and buy a part
of the fleet to:
And who manage this fleet?
Rent a self-driving car for free or with discount depending on the part of the fleet that you purchased
Use the fleet
Оn other users who rent these cars (earnings also depend on the size of the initial donations)
Earn money
Hereyougo provides a system of payments for washing, charging, car maintenance, so anyone can, for example, recharge the car and get a certain payment
Legal structure of this opportunity is under development
How does it look for users?
It's a mobile application with 3 roles: passenger, owner and car administrator
For the role of administrator the section of car operational management will be available: the settings of time and area of driving, the car systems management, the payment for eletricity, car wash and other services
For the role of car owner the section of permissions and settings management will be available as well as the section of assignment of the administrator. If the car is in the joint ownership the section for voting will additionally appear to take decisions and change settings which require the owners' consensus.
For the role of passenger the section of searching and the car booking will be available. This section is basic and available for all roles.
Car owner
Why we believe in success?
We are solving very simple and very important problem for huge amount
of people - transportation
People believe in "self-driving for everyone"
We raised $17,352 on INDIEGOGO
We've been supported by 34 backers! Since at the moment there was no legal structure for buying and owning a car our campaign was paused. Today it is the main barrier to the exit of similar solutions, therefore
We are actively working to create a legal structure to use this as a major competitive advantage.
Most of crowdfunders would like to support current campaign
Konstantin Maslennikov
Founder & CEO
We have a strong team with experience in the transportation industry since 2012
We have strong team
and effective network
A graduate of Draper University & Stanford Executive Education program, serial entrepreneur founded companies TakeBus and Projector Group. Engineering degree in Telecommunication.
General Management
Alex Winter
A graduate of South Ural State University, and has intense experience of technical team management over 20 people with TakeBus and Microsoft. Engineering degree in Computer Science
& R&D
Anastasia Bawari
PR Director
A graduate of South Ural State University and who has worked in AIESEC , Alcatel-Lucent, Electrolux and Hult business school
Operations: finance, PR
Sergey Malyarov
Founded Moscow Marketing and Design Agency, and got a great experience in hardware and software Product Management.
& Marketing
Press and media about us
People write about us, because they interested
in our company
New technology have power to unite us, have power to solve the problems we must solve. Together we can do so much more. And our world desperately need those solutions. Climate change, air pollution, road safety. Our everyday problems seems also doesn't solved by purchasing new things.

In HereYouGo we believe that by pushing forward and by democratizing latest transportation technologies as connected and self-driving cars we build an environment where you don't need to hide from the problems behind the wheel. It will be the world of openness, health and fun, the world where commuting is happy.
Founder & CEO
55 E. 3rd Ave San Mateo, CA, 94401
Our mission